Is It Really Necessary to Monitor an Exchange Server?

When running an IT department, you will want to take care of your mail server and ensure no errors occur. If you don’t, not only will you deal with serious repercussions in the short-term, but you will also put your data at risk. With this in mind, here are three reasons why it’s necessary to monitor your Exchange Server.

Faster speeds: Over time, if you don’t watch your server closely, it can slow down quickly. Think about it, if you have too many users or they are not using the server wisely, you will deal with slow emails and file transfers. To stay on top of this, you will want to watch the server and ensure files and emails flow quickly and without error. If they don’t, you will want to dig deeper and try to find the root of the problem.

Safety and security: Without a doubt, if you suffer from one data breach, you will lose money and some clients. To prevent this, you will want to watch your server and look out for any intruders. In fact, if you don’t employ this proactive approach, you are going to put your company at a huge risk for a hacking incident. Luckily, if you see an unknown user, you can quickly ban him or her and avoid problems. Of course, even a minor breach is a big deal. In the event of one, take extra precautions and investigate further. This alone is one reason why having exchange server monitoring in place is a good idea when it comes to being proactive about your network.

Sending spam with your server: If a hacker uses your server to send out emails all over the world, you will suffer a public relations problem. Not only that, when this happens, your ISP may ban your mail server. When this happens, you are in a world of hurt as you will struggle to communicate with clients. To monitor this, watch out for any intruders. To take it further, if you see a sudden increase in mail traffic, you will want to investigate the reason and take action. Otherwise, you will see your mail server banned.

If you know why you need to monitor your Exchange Server, you will avoid problems and save plenty of time and money in the long run.